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Born in 1983, I began studying law in Paris, my hometown. Four years later, I leave this course to plunge into my true passion: drawing. I integrate the school Emile Cohl Lyon and spent four more years to splash happily about paint, colors, clay and drawing.  After graduation, I am hired for two years at Ubisoft (video games) as character designer.  I draw part the characters of « Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood ».  Meanwhile, I pursue publishing projects, including « Tu vois la lune », in partnership with Agnes De Lestrade, and published by the Anna Chanel editions in 2010.  This book has recently be selected for the Incorruptibles price. I am now a freelance illustrator.  Acrylic and Photoshop are my favorite materials to illustrate the stories and comics projects I work on, and to create my designs. I also passionately like oil painting and sculpture.
professional objective:
-to work on children books and comic books.
-to be part of a team in the animation and game video fields as a concept artist.
-4 years at the  Emile Cohl school, in Lyon. ( 2004/2008)
Character design:
-2008/10 – 2D Character designer and 3D Character modeler on «Assassin’s Creed 2″ and on «Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood», at Ubisoft.
-2008 – Character Design for a Fedex Commercial.
-july/sept2008 – Character design internship on 3D software production a Ubisoft.
-2008/09 – Illustrations for the children book « tu vois la lune» ,
published by the Anna Chanel Edition.
-2008/09 – Illustrations for the children book « Miléna », published by the AFD.
-2006/11 – Illustrations for the newspapers « Bienvenue» and « ADCF », Paris